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While the world can only generate a finite amount of resources, including food and water, and can only endure a certain level of greenhouse gas emissions, most of our economic development has been achieved through over-exploiting resources.

We only have one Earth, and both our existence and well-being are wholly dependent upon it. However, if our current consumption (i.e., the quantity of energy we use and our need for resources to feed, clothe, and house us, as well as materials that we want for pure enjoyment) continues to rise, both humans and nature will suffer serious consequences.

With the rights we all possess—the right and capacity to select the products we consume—we can have an influence together. By favoring ethical businesses and goods over those that don’t, we can encourage an increase in environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices.

We are doing the work of interpreting hidden meaning for you. In order to rate products for both customer experience and sustainability, we locate, gather, and employ professional analysis the information. With The Sustainable Life, you can get the best goods and learn everything you need to about ethical and sustainable living.

Mother Earth - Live Sustainably
We are living in a time when human impacts on the environment are changing the face of our planet… We are all completely dependent on nature for our survival and prosperity, so we as a society must do better, if we are to prosper on planet earth for the long term

Karen Ellis, Chief Economic and Development Advisor, WWF-UK

We are moving toward a future that is more sustainable. This is only the start!

The Sustainable Life wants to make it as simple as possible for you to choose goods from ethical manufacturers that fit your needs.

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